The brief

How do we create a more simple, easy and intelligent Trade Experience that distributes defensive actions towards PSD II? How do we create a simple digital risk awareness/management tool to impact and nudge customers trading behavior towards hedging? These were some of the initial questions we faced in our meetings with Nordea. Over a 6 month period we worked closely with the company, developing groundbreaking tools and insights, helping the company become market leaders.


▫ User experience
▫ Design sprint workshops
▫ User surveys
▫ Business Analysis
▫ User interface design
▫ Agile Project Management

The client

Nordea Markets is the leading international capital markets operator and investment banking partner in the Nordic region connecting customers to the global markets.

Nordea combines local expertise with global strengths, providing customers with a complete portfolio of financial service solutions. Nordea provides some of the strongest, most diversified product ranges in the Nordics and offer outstanding liquidity in local currencies.

The solution

Digital advisory
Trade experience

Nordea Markets

Nordea markets are the leading international capital markets operator and investment banking partner, it offers access to an unequalled team of experts.

Digital advisory

For many retail corporate customers the Markets’ terminology is not fully understood and can be distancing. Many customers need examples or explanations with their own numbers to understand approaches/overviews/product examples etc. and lack the overview and understanding of their current trading situation. Whilst regulations, such as MiFID II, pose several new challenges to financial institutions. The combination of smarter apparels, more powerful algorithm engines, sharper analytics techniques, as well as social networks technology enabled us to interact with Nordeas clients and respond to their needs.

Trade experience

Customers are rapidly expecting seamless digital banking products and entry-level requirements and online trading experience are constantly getting higher. Banks still work with the digital customer experience as a technology challenge, when they should be thinking about it as a human interaction problem.

Customer experience is now a key battleground in the fight for banking customers. As interactions move online and expectations grow more sophisticated, brands are being defined by the quality of the digital customer experience they deliver. Exposure to e.g Google and Apple has led customers to expect simple, fast and consistent seamless digital experiences. Our challenge was to move Nordea beyond their standard UX hygiene and widen the gap to their competitors in order for them to become market leaders.

Managing Consultant
Rune Gregersen